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Bhogey Boom !: Ultah Di Bulan Juni

People's health is important to lead a peaceful and happy way of life. Healthy benefits of a non-human world is difficult to take delight.

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In 1984, the first report of the disease known as AIDS edilişinden found three years after the virus known as HIV-1. healty of womanAfter 2 years of development in 1986, this second type of HIV virus HIV-2 to crops up.cancer This virus had been discovered never before seen in patients in West Africa. Structure of HIV-1 and HIV-2 viral infection do show similarities in terms of functions, and opportunistic infections, are separated from each other in terms of infection coğarafisi. Aids

HIV-2 antibody testing of HIV-1 as possible, and clinics, health centers and hospitals are possible. HIV-2 antibody test, HIV-2 infection is recommended for persons at high risk of yakalanabilme. For example, virtually almost all people living in West Africa are at risk of high HIV-2. MentalTherefore, a sex partner of the West African or West African man in a blood transfer sizinde can lead to exposure to the risk of HIV-2.ADHD

According to many surveys, the majority of children born in West Africa, HIV-2 infection were found. sexual health

HIV-2 virus with antibodies produced in HIV-1 antibodies produced are similar. Antibody can be detected within the first three months. AsthmaResearch since 1992 and this combined test kits prepared kits of both the HIV-1 and HIV-2 can be detected easily achieved. diet

Sufficient information about the natural history of HIV-2 virus, despite the lack of the formation of some reports of HIV-2 are assumed to be longer than the duration of HIV-1. HIV-1 and HIV-2 is the same as the symptoms, but symptoms should be noted that water alone does not indicate that people infected with HIV-2. urology

In the United States in 1987 was the first case of HIV-2. ConditionsAfter the onset of this patient, disease protection and prevention center (CDC) by the HIV-2 infection in patients with the demographic, clinical and laboratory studies collected information to the province. June 30, 1995 until the discovery of the virus have been 62 cases the Report.dental In addition, HIV-1 and HIV-2 of the cases have been seen at the same time. In Europe, two cases have been detected in the same years. Today, that figure is not known exactly how. HIV-2 as the global spread of the HIV-1 entered into the process.hiv